Teen Tribe

Facilitated by parents who understand the unique challenges associated with raising teens, Teen Tribe is a group for parents who are going through relational difficulties with their teenage children.

What is Teen Tribe?

  • Teen Tribe is a group for parents of teens in the Gladstone region who are going through relational difficulties with their teenage children.
  • The group is run by parents with the skills of facilitation and some insight into teen behaviour and choices . These parents understand the unique pressures and difficulties associated with raising teens in an environment of negotiated allowances.
  • The group runs to not just offer parents support but to develop some skills to step forward in a way that helps parents learn and adjust to the changes taking place in their home.
  • The aim is for parents to walk away stronger, wiser, and more confident in themselves.

Who Can Come Along?

  • Parents of teens between the ages of 12 and 21 years are welcome. Booking is essential as we do not want groups to become too big .
  • It is advisable that both parents come along to the group. However, if only one parent would like to come, this can be accommodated.

What Will it be Like?

  • Groups will be held every two weeks . A component of training will be included that is geared towards empow-ering parents in their journey. Some time will be set aside for sharing of information and support of members of the group.
  • The group will be lead by a group facilitator, and guidance and insight will be provided by the group mentor. These are volunteers who have given their time and dedication to help families going through the challenges of raising teens to achieve better outcomes .
  • The group facilitator is in charge, will call people to order, and will ensure that a number of those present have opportunity to share each week. Participants are also expected to come ready to step forward in their lives, sober, and with the ability to listen. The group mentor will provide support, challenges, and will help to light the path forward.
  • Parents are invited to speak their truth of what is happening for them, and will be listened to.
  • While Teen Tribe is supported by HopeLINK and Shed 19, the group is not conducted with any religious content or beliefs. All present are entitled to believe what they want to believe.

How Do I Get in Touch?

  • Anyone wanting to get involved, or anyone wanting to make a referral on behalf of parents should contact HopeLINK and register their interest. Details of the next group will be provided, and their information will be passed on to the group facilitator or the group mentor.
  • When contacting HopeLINK, if a participant wants to know more, an appointment can be made with the group mentor to discuss what is going on for them, however this is geared towards preparing to attend the group rather than individual therapy.
  • Supporters may become available for one-to-one support for parents who attend the Teen Tribe group.

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